Country Gal Maggie Rose Delivers Foot-Stomping NFL Anthem for 2013 Season

Wendy Geller

Watch out, Carrie Underwood! There's another talented country girl who's making her mark on the 2013 NFL season. Rising Nashville hotshot Maggie Rose (she released her debut studio album Cut To Impress in March) has recorded a pumping new tune, "Get Ya Game On,” which is poised to get football fans on their feet and ready to party.

The Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic network will be featuring the song and its accompanying video (watch it here) exclusively in its coverage of the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens throughout the 2013 NFL season -- including kickoff, pre-game/post-game shows, and promos for both teams.

We had the opportunity to talk to the Potomac, Maryland native about this fun new endeavor. As Maggie Rose knows, nothing goes together quite as well as country music and sports!

Our Country: Being from Maryland, you obviously must be a Ravens fan, correct?

Maggie Rose: Actually, while the Ravens are a great point of pride for us Marylanders, I have always been a Redskins fan! My parents would take me to a lot of the games growing up, and every TV in the house would have the Skins game on if we weren't there.

Have you been a football fan all your life?

Sure! I have always loved what football season brings and I love the excitement that surrounds it. The game is one of my favorites to watch and I have great memories of going to games with family and friends from an early age. It's definitely one of the reasons that Fall is my favorite season.

What's your favorite thing about football season?

I associate football season with tailgating, being with friends, grilling out, and friendly competition. I love that it gives everyone a reason to get together so often.

Baltimore took a beating against Denver in the season opener. Think they'll redeem themselves?

Well, yeah. the Ravens didn't have the best start, but I feel that it may have been the humbling moment they needed after winning the Super Bowl that will refocus them for a great season.

Can you talk about how you initially got involved with the recording "Get Ya Game On" and how it got chosen to be used for the actual NFL broadcasts?

Joe Yasharoff is the Managing Editor for Comcast Sportsnet in the Mid-Atlantic region and he and his daughter Olivia were out on a Saturday night with nothing to do when he came upon an ad in the Washington Post for a show that I was playing in his hometown of Bethesda, MD at the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Club that evening. He and his daughter sat in the audience, and three songs in, Joe came up with the idea of asking me to write and perform a promotional song to air during their program. He actually got to my mom first with the idea and she facilitated a meeting with myself, Joe and my label head Scott Siman. I co-wrote the song with my producer, Jim Wes in Nashville and everyone at CSN loved it! We shot the video a month later. The whole thing took about six months from the time Joe came up with the plan. It's been one of the most fun projects I've worked on.

What is the process of writing a song specifically to get a sports crowd pumped up? Where do you start? How does it differ from writing material for your own album?

When we set out to write the song, we drew from our best memories surrounding football season. The anticipation, the tension between rivalries and the tailgating parties with friends came to mind. People wait all year for football season to begin, and we wanted to mirror that excitement with a melody and guitar riff that builds up tension into an explosive chorus that is easy for a crowd to sing along with. We wanted to bring the energy to the song that buzzes in the air at the stadium on game day.

Gotta pick one: "Waitin' All Day For Sunday Night," or "All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night." Which one is your fave and why?

Hank Jr.'s song is a classic and the video is one of my favorites. However, I love "Waitin' All Day For Sunday Night" because as a female it is cool to see another woman singing the theme song for the NFL. I's nice to see some girl power brought to the game.

Speaking of "Sunday Night," did you see Carrie Underwood's debut of the theme? What did you think?

I'm a Carrie Underwood fan and I did see the debut. She has an awesome voice and a great stage presence and I thought that came across in the performance.