Christmas With Elvis, Pranking Jerry Garcia, Drinks Around The Piano: Ram Country Stars Relate Favorite Holiday Memories

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Ever wonder what Christmas morning with Elvis in charge would be like?

There's very few who can speak to that experience, but Lisa Marie Presley is certainly one of them!

The only child of Elvis Presley — not surprisingly — remembers the holidays as being worthy of a King. She recalls coming down the stairs at Graceland to find the entryway covered with presents...however, with one little imperfect catch. 

"None of them [were] wrapped, because, you know, my dad was doing it," she laughs. Dads out there, take heart: apparently even Elvis didn't do it as good as Mom! 

Country star Jake Owen knows all about diligent moms at Christmas, as he notes he likes to entertain his own hardworking mother while she undertakes the (sometimes thankless) job of decorating the tree. "A lot of times I'll have my guitar with me, and she'll ask me to play songs while she's putting the lights on the tree," he explains. 

"Voice" champion Cassadee Pope also has a mom who puts in the effort during the the kitchen! "My mom makes these cookies called snowballs. They're chocolate-chip cookies, and you roll them into little balls and put powdered sugar on them." Sweet! 

Even sweeter: American Idol Scotty McCreery notes that his family likes to visit the grandparents at Christmas, trading off from one side to the next every year...and that's his favorite thing of all."I just like seeing the folks," he smiles. 

How about a little naughtiness to counteract all this nicety? LeAnn Rimes is happy to oblige, describing how Christmas usually ends up at her place: "We all end up somewhat intoxicated singing around the piano," she grins. 

And, then there's Bruce Hornsby, who definitely wins the "naughty" award this season, as his absolute favorite holiday tradition is to prank-call his buddies. He relates his very best moment in this arena, when he rang up his friend Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead one Christmas past, pretended to be a radio DJ who caught the taken-aback Garcia on the phone live, and got the jam-band legend to announce "Merry Christmas" to a non-existent audience. Coal in your stocking, Bruce!

Happy holidays from Ram Country and Yahoo Music: We hope your holiday is fit for a King as well!