Carrie Underwood Delivers Much-Talked-About Beatles Cover at 2013 Emmys

Wendy Geller
September 23, 2013

TV addicts were no doubt chattering about "Breaking Bad" and "The Voice" during Sunday's telecast of the 2013 annual Emmy Awards -- but music fans were talking more about something else: Namely, Carrie Underwood's version of the Beatles classic "Yesterday."

Underwood performed the Paul McCartney-penned hit as part of a special tribute celebrating the 50th anniversary of some of the most impacting television moments in history, including President John F. Kennedy's assassination and the debut of the Beatles on the "Ed Sullivan Show."

Social media response was mixed; some viewers felt Underwood did the classic proud, others bluntly stated that she butchered it. However, Underwood likely didn't care much about her naysayers -- after all, she had the blessing of the only person who really mattered.

That is, the person who actually wrote the song.

That'll do nicely, right?

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