Camping? Glamping? Music Fans Create Crazy Campsites at Country Festival

Wendy Geller
Senior Editor
Our Country
Camping? Glamping? Music Fans Create Crazy Campsites at Country Festival

If your idea of camping involves a tent, backpack, cooler, and a bag of marshmallows  — you're distinctly behind the times. Proof positive: Just visit Brooklyn, Michigan's Faster Horses Festival, a three-day country music extravaganza which offers, along with a superstar-studded artist lineup, campgrounds for partiers to express themselves via crazy, colorful, and personalized campsites.

Ram Country's girl on the scene, Cornelia Rowe, traveled the campgrounds surrounding the Michigan International Speedway, where the fest was held July 18-20. She found plenty of prize-worthy campsites ... and campers excited to discuss their "homes away from home" for the weekend.

A particularly eyecatching group explained their unique abode — created from the front end of an actual semi-trailer! The bright-red vehicle, dubbed "Big Red," was donated by one guy's grandfather, who together with some hunting buddies created a livable space out of the rig, complete with bunks and a working kitchen.

Another patriotic couple worked until the wee hours of the morning to construct a red, white, and blue creation — decorated with strings of (appropriately enough for a country fest) red Solo cups!

Still another congregation of fun-lovers decided to go with a USA theme, but with a twist. "We decided to go with a beach theme," they explained, pointing out a sign that read "Freedom Beach." Although not anywhere near the ocean, the cute campsite isn't totally out of place: The festival is smack-dab in the middle of an area scattered with lakes, so a little sandy/water recreation is only a mile or two away at most.

Although elaborate, the Faster Horses Festival campsites don't exactly fall into the current trend of "glamping" (which involves luxury accomodations plopped down into a rustic setting). However, it's hard to deny these dedicated campers/music fans have "galloped" miles ahead of your basic Scout-style trip!

The Faster Horses Festival offered headlining sets from Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, and Darius Rucker on Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday's lineup features Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town.