Woman unaware she’s pregnant finds “appendicitis” pains actually labor pains

Charlene Sakoda
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Woman unaware she’s pregnant finds “appendicitis” pains actually labor pains

Teresa Brown, of Schuylerville, New York went into the hospital with painful cramps and ended up leaving with a little miracle.  As reported by WNYT Newschannel 13, the 37-year old Saratoga County woman thought that appendicitis or gallstones were the cause of her agony.  Brown said, “I was having such bad cramps and pains, I didn’t know what it was.  We get to the emergency room. They did some blood work on me and they come back in the room and they tell me, ‘You’re pregnant, and you’re in labor.'”  The soon-to-be mom was shocked because she claimed that 15 years prior, doctors told her she could never have children, and she said that her cycles remained normal.  According to Teresa, she did not feel different over the past months and that she gained only 10 pounds but attributed that to exercising less saying, "I just thought because it was winter time and I hadn't gotten out and done all my walking yet." 

Teresa delivered a healthy baby boy named Andrew Lloyd, who weighed in at 4-pounds 12-ounces and doctors estimated that he arrived just 2 weeks early despite his mother receiving no prenatal care. Teresa said, "It was just like a miracle happened…I have my little boy, I have everything."  The new mom works in a nursing home and the only day she called in sick was the day of baby Andrew’s arrival.  The surprise of motherhood has shifted Teresa’s perspective and she told WNYT, "It's gonna be 100% different because this is the most important thing in my life now. Everything has changed and all I'm going to do is take care of my son and go back to work."

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