Woman forced out of apartment after it became inundated with hundreds of bats

Will Lerner
Odd News

On a website about Metairie, Louisiana, it’s described as a “great place to live,” that offers, “parks, office buildings, lake front levees, shopping centers, classic neighborhoods, Mardi Gras, Fat City , hotels, Zephyer Baseball Stadium, the New Orleans Saints training facilities, and great southern people.” It sounds like a real pleasant place to live,which must be the reason why hundreds of bats have decided to get an apartment in town, specifically, as WVUE FOX 8 reports, one specific woman’s apartment.

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Kiara Keasely, who was living in an apartment in the New Orleans suburb was basically forced out of her home when bats that had been living outside the building decided to move inside. She told WVUE, “I decided to move out, pack my stuff and move out because the exterminator wanted to open the vents to free the bats but I didn't want them to be over my furniture so I moved everything out.”

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An exterminator has removed more than 200 of the little guys from the apartment, and plans to release them outside of town, as is required by state law that mandates the bats not be killed. In the meantime, building owner Wendy Whitsett is working on preventing more from coming in. She told the station, “We closed the windows, we sealed up the building wherever they had holes so they can't come into the building. We caulked the whole building."

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If you find bats in your home, you should seek the help of professionals to remove them. Bats aren’t aggressive, but they can provide risks to the people in the homes they infest. Their droppings can cause respiratory diseases in humans, and the bats themselves are sometimes rabid.

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