Woman finds huge silverfish bug in soup served in New York restaurant

Will Lerner
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It’s been a rough week in terms of eaters finding disgusting things in their food. There was Jon Hughes of North Wales, who found a dead shrew inside his bag of potato chips , and Robin Sandusky of New York who found a lizard’s head and arm inside her salad . Making this a trifecta is Natalie Estrella, who found a large, disgusting bug in her soup from a New York restaurant, as WPIX 11 News reports.

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Ms. Estrella stopped by Mi Mundo Restaurant in Far Rockaway, a neighborhood in Queens, New York and ordered herself a sancocho. Sancocho is a Latin American soup (or stew if you’re so inclined) that is usually made with large pieces of meat and vegetables. It usually doesn’t include large insects, which is why Estrella was shocked and appalled when, after a few spoonfuls, she noticed a large bug in her bowl.

Sancocho, minus a bug (Eduardo Mueses/Flickr)
Sancocho, minus a bug (Eduardo Mueses/Flickr)

After finding the bug (and taking a picture), she alerted her waiter. The waiter took the soup away and disposed of the bug, which Estrella believes is a silverfish bug, and the restaurant’s owner offered a refund.

So, what’s the deal with Mi Mundo Restaurant? WPIX’s investigation found that it has some problems with the Health Department. It has a pending “C” rating and violations that include, evidence of live mice living there, filth flies, and “food contact surfaces” that are not properly washed. The station spoke with the restaurant manager. He acknowledged the letter grade that’s pending but didn’t know of the violations. The manager, who WPIX says only identified himself as Carlos, said, however, that the restaurant doesn’t have an insect problem.

That claim is questionable, though. Aside from, you know, the large bug inside the sancocho, Estrella says that her waiter told her, in Spanish, Mi Mundo “has these bugs all over the pipes.” The disgusted customer, who had to seek medical attention at a nearby hospital because of nausea, now plans on hiring an attorney and filing a lawsuit.

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