Woman finds disturbing item in gas station sandwich – a pill

Will Lerner
Odd News

There are snobs amongst us that would mock sandwiches bought from gas stations, but those of us who have actually eaten them know that they’re pretty much ok. Maybe “ok” isn’t the word. Reliable. They’re reliable. Well, except for this time, as WTRF 7 News reports.

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Rayland, Ohio resident Brittney Williams stopped by a Marathon gas station this past weekend in nearby Tiltonsville. It was there that she picked up a bacon, egg, and cheese English muffin. She brought it home, warmed it up in a microwave, took it out, and out rolled…a tiny white pill. So, that’s not good.

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Brittney told WTRF, “I took it to the police station. They took a bunch of pictures of it. They confiscated my sandwich as evidence. They’ve sent the pill away.” She hasn’t heard back from the police yet, but Williams doesn’t go to that gas station regularly, so she doesn’t believe she could be a specific target. So pills, everyone. Make sure you check your food for pills.

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