Woman discovers bone in Life cereal

Charlene Sakoda
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Woman discovers bone in Life cereal

Shea Boman-Smead of Eugene, Oregon sat down to enjoy a bowl of her favorite cereal, Life, but was sickened by a disturbing find. Shea told KVAL 13, "As I was taking a drink, I noticed there was something long in there, and it was not shaped like the cereal.” The pregnant 25-year old found a foreign object floating in the milk that she believes is a mouse femur. Shea contacted Quaker, makers of Life cereal, to inform them of her find and she said the company told her, “You send us the empty box of cereal, and what you found in the Ziploc bag. We’re going to process it and then we’ll let you know.” While she said the company representative was apologetic, Shea was not completely satisfied with their response saying “I felt like that was something that needs, that’s a concern,” adding, "Maybe the cereal is contaminated, maybe I could've gotten sick…Other people could find something like that in their cereal. It's just gross."

However, the Food and Drug Administration allows small amounts of “gross” finds in food, like mold, animal droppings, and even insect heads. According to the FDA Defect Levels Handbook, potato chips are allowable when 94% are not rotted, every 225g of noodles are passable with up to 4.5 rodent hairs, and every pound of cocoa beans are totally fine with up to 10mg of mammal waste. But rest assured, the FDA says that those are just the maximum limits and the average amount of defects in products are much lower. After her stomach turning experience, Shea doesn’t plan on eating Life cereal any time soon.

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