Woman calls 911 after Subway put marinara sauce on her Flatizza, not, ‘pizza sauce’

Will Lerner
Odd News

Did you know that Subway is serving pizza now? The restaurant is! Well, it’s a kind of pizza, I guess. Calling their new creation a Flatizza, Subway describes it as a “crispy flatbread that’s loaded with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce when you want more than just a slice! It’s crispy, cheesy and totally edgy at meal time, snack time or anytime!” Perhaps they should re-consider that “edgy” thing they’re going for, because as the Gaston Gazette reports, one woman became far too edgy when she felt her Flatizza wasn’t being made properly.

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37-year-old Bevalente Michette Hall of Gastonia, South Carolina called 911 last Thursday with a complaint that a Subway location would not refund her the money she had paid for a Flatizza with. She claimed the restaurant had botched preparing her food. In the call, which the Gazette has lovingly provided (mp3), Ms. Hall complains that they put marinara sauce on her Flatizza, and not, “pizza sauce.” I don’t know, either.

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WSOC-TV News reports that Ms. Hall’s husband contacted them to say that she was really calling 911 because, “an officer who was there responded by yelling at her.” Regardless of what truly transpired; Ms. Hall was charged with, “misuse of the 911 system for using it for a purpose other than an emergency communication.” The Gazette notes that Ms. Hall was, “jailed for three minutes Thursday night before being released on a $2,000 unsecured bond.”

More info: Gaston Gazette, WSOC