University of Utah police knock down pot igloo

Will Lerner
Odd News

Smoke? More like snow-k. Hahahahahah NO DON’T CLICK OUT OF THIS BLOG.

Oh good, you’re still here. At the end of January, a University of Utah campus police officer was on patrol when he came upon something peculiar: a large, 5-foot-tall, 10-foot-wide igloo in the middle of a wooded area. Inside of it were four university students, allegedly smoking marijuana. As KSTU Fox 13 reports, the officer was cold to the idea of what they were doing. Please don’t click out of blog yet.

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According to The Salt Lake Tribune, University of Utah police Sergeant Garth Smith said the igloo was “well camouflaged,” but was not certain if the students inside had constructed it themselves, or were simply using it. Regardless, he did smell marijuana, and cited the students with, “marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession.” No arrests were made. And, there were zero puns in this paragraph, so you will keep reading this blog.


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The igloo, which was 10-inches thick and had a cardboard door, has since been destroyed by sledgehammer-wielding police officers. KSTU notes, “The students have been referred to the university’s Student Behavior Committee, who will determine what, if any, punishments the students face. Possible punishments might include sanctions against the students or even expulsion.” So, all of this goes to show, sometimes pot smokers win, but often they igloose*. You may now click out of this blog.

*I've heard from more than one reader that I should have spelled this "igloose" as "iglose." My rationale was that I was afraid "iglose" would sound like it rhymed with "close." I'm going to leave it as is, but acknowledge and accept the criticism. I just hope when it comes to wordplay, you don't think of me as a pun-k.

More info: KSTU, The Salt Lake Tribune