Trio Goes Bananas for Hong Kong Skyscraper Selfie

Richard Cazeau
Odd News

Human beings love self-expression, and photography is one of the greatest mediums to do it with. But who knew that the selfie could become a form of not just self-expression, but self-indulgence? Now, taking the selfie to a whole new level, and brand new heights, is a group of students in Hong Kong who have gone the distance to capture a selfie unlike any other. Watch the video — it's slightly unsettling, but then again, this team seems a little bananas to begin with.

The trio of Daniel Lau, Andrew Tso and A.S. are shown looking fearless and comfy atop Hong Kong's fifth tallest building, the Centre, which towers at 1,135 feet against the Chinese city's skyline. How'd they get the money shot? These photo enthusiasts used a wide angle lens and a selfie stick. And yes, that's what it's called. To celebrate the breathtaking view, they consumed some bananas.

This isn't the first time we've seen a daring and deadly self-portrait. Back in June, photographer Lee Thomson climbed to the top of the Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for his once- in-a-lifetime snapshot.

These two international feats just might be the beginning of a new, possibly ill-advised selfie trend.