Tourist checking out Facebook on her phone stumbles off of pier into icy waters

Will Lerner
Odd NewsDecember 18, 2013

Let’s start off by saying the tourist is alive and will be ok. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is reporting that a Taiwanese woman visiting St. Kilda Pier in Melbourne, Australia was so engrossed with her cell phone that she wasn’t paying attention to the quickly diminishing amount of real estate in front of her.

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The Australian writes that she walked right off the pier and plunged down into icy waters around 11:30pm. Fortunately, there were people around and police were immediately alerted. The woman was in the water for about 20 minutes before being rescued. It’s a good thing it didn’t take much longer, Senior Constable Dean Kelly told ABC, “…she told us later that she couldn’t swim.”

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The woman told police she was on her Facebook page when she went over. She was taken to a hospital for treatment, but suffered no injuries. As for the phone? She kept it firmly gripped in her hand the entire time, so no need to get a new one! Every cloud…

More info: ABC, The Australian