Tiny Hamster in a Tiny Mansion

Odd News

Let me start by saying that I'm pleased that musical cats are no longer the measure of "cuteness" when it comes to viral Internet videos. In fact, hamsters were the original cute little animals roaming amid miniature furniture and vehicles courtesy of a 1960s British-Canadian children's show called "Tales of the Riverbank," which featured rodents such as Hammy Hamster and G.P. the Guinea Pig.


But there's nothing wrong with spinning an old idea in a new way. Back in April, we showed you a video of a tiny hamster eating bite-sized burritos, courtesy of Hello Denizen. That clip has had more than 8 million views on YouTube and continues to entertain.

But this hamster delves into miniature pizzas and even through a mini birthday party. And the whole affair goes on as the little whiskers get new digs, namely a mini mansion made for a new mini Internet star. Living in the lap of luxury, this rodent gets up late, eats, eats again and again, and takes a trip in a mini grocery-hauler.


With the ticker showing more than 260,000 views so far, maybe this little guy is really the newest "fat cat."