This guy really loves Christmas trees

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News

Pastor Jerry Powell’s home in Gladstone, Missouri is filled with a lot of Christmas trees. He told KCTV 5 News, “One hundred and eleven trees yes, in every room including the bathroom.”

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Pastor Powell’s Christmas trees range in size and shape, varying from a foot tall to some towering nine feet high. Looking around his home, you would think there are no tree-less areas, but think again. Jerry said, "Just tonight I was walking down the hallway and I saw a corner. I thought, 'Hmm. A right-size tree probably could fit there.'"

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The Living Word Community Church pastor loves the season and feels that, "The trees are such a drawing point with people. And you know, in our culture and society today, even, even Christmas can be under attack and the trees can be under attack and this is my comeback to say ‘You know what, it does have an importance.'"

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After the season Powell says that, “It takes about a month to take all of these trees down.” But he’s got it all mapped out for the following year, "Every one has a tag, so next year I know what tree goes in what room."

Video and more info: KCTV