The best and the worst of Craigslist

Will Lerner
Odd News

Craigslist is a website that is dream-fuel for night terrors, but also a place where one can get a cheap bookshelf, so all-in-all it’s pretty cool. Anybody who’s scanned through the ads has probably seen some pretty bizarre stuff. Here are some recent ones that caught the attention of the internet.

A compelling argument to buy a $3,000 1987 Mercedes Benz.

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Business Insider got ahold of this car ad from Dallas that has makes some incredibly cogent points as to why it should be purchased. The user wrote, “…it is a 27-year old vintage road-treasure that has seen four presidents, the invention of Al Gore's Internet and the rise, fall and death of Kurt Cobain. It's old enough to vote, get an MBA and Botox, travel around Europe and move out of its parents' garage. It also has about 237,000 original miles. I say 'about' since the speedometer stopped working at 222,060 miles -- but why should you care? Because that's the mother-f***ing distance to the MOON! Yes. This car hasbasically been driven to and PAST the freaking moon -- THE ONE IN SPACE.” Unfortunately, the ad has been removed, but Jalopnik saved the entire post if you don’t mind tiny text.

These party bros seek the pleasure of your company, if you too are a party bro.

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Huffington Post noticed an ad from Washington, D.C. In it, the users write that they’re fed up with their quiet friends who would, “rather have a nice time at a friend's apartment for NYE than an crazy 6 hour open bar with multiple DJ's and dancefloors [sic].” They’re looking for friends who join them as they, “go to the bars and rip shots with bartenders, go to raging parties on Friday nights that shutdown because its Monday morning and everyone is going to work, see sick concerts with some form of substance enhancement, because that is what we do.”

If you look like John Stamos, please read. If you are John Stamos, you must read.

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Hi, John Stamos. I assume you are a reader of this blog. You should know that a Chicago Craigslist user is looking for a roommate that looks like you. You, of course,look like you. And you also look like your Full House character, Jesse Katsopolis. As DNAinfo Chicago noticed in the ad, the writer has requirements, “As our Jesse you must: be of Greek Descent, know how to play the guitar/drums, have great hair, be obsessed with Elvis Presley, also be good with children because just, like Full House you will need to take an active part in raising my child. Whenever you pick up the phone you must say, ‘Talk to me.’ When things aren't going your way you must say ‘Have Mercy.’”

Kurt Cobain memorabilia in an unlikely marketplace.

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Q13 FOX Newscaught wind of a man who says he used to be Kurt Cobain’s roommate in the early 1990’s has some of Kurt’s stuff he’s looking to sell. The station figured out the man’s first name was Alex. In his ad, Alex wrote, “I have been holding on to a bunch of his stuff that he left in a box when he moved out. He owed us rent and said he would get the box when he came back and gave us money but he never came back, then when he was famous he never really talked to any of us again because Courtney never liked us but she's a d*** so no hard felings [sic].”

How much would you pay to sleep on someone’s couch? If you wouldn’t go above $0, then keep looking.

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Finally, we wind up in San Francisco. SFist is asking if this is the worst “roommate wanted” ad currently going. It’s definitely a contender. The user writes that for $300 a month, “You will sleep on a large, very comfortable couch, were [sic] in the past my previous roommate slept for many years…You need to be willing to deal with a little drama.”