Teenager's alleged cashing of judge’s paycheck a terrible move

Will Lerner
Odd News

18-year-old Maydin B. Miranda of Venice, New York has made a gigantic mistake. He allegedly stole a judge’s paycheck and then cashed it. You might think that the punishment one would normally receive over this crime would be bad enough, but as Syracuse.com reports, Mr. Miranda’s background means even more severe consequences.

A town justice in Ledyard, New York wanted to know where his paycheck was after it wasn’t delivered to him. When he contacted Fulton Savings Bank, he learned that someone else had cashed it. As The Citizen of Auburn, New York reports that someone turned out to be Maydin B. Miranda. Miranda told investigators that he had received the check by mistake, but because he was, “hurting for money,” as investigator Greg Schmitter put it, he cashed the check through a third party. Mr. Miranda was arrested and charged on Monday with fourth-degree grand larceny. When state troopers looked into his record, they found out something that made the teenager’s actions even more reckless.

It was discovered that Miranda is a Guatemalan national and had been in the country illegally for over three years. United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement will begin deportation process for Mr. Miranda after his grand larceny case has been completed.

More info: Syracuse.com, The Citizen