Teen discovers syringe in Walmart-bought sweatshirt when he tries it on and it pricks him

Will Lerner
Odd News

We’ve already brought to your attention how a Virginia family discovered pornography on a Nintendo DS bought new at a Walmart, and a Bothell, Washington family that found cans of tuna in a box that should have contained Beat by Dre headphones. Now, KOIN 6 News is reporting on another Washington state family that’s understandably dismayed after a 16-year-old discovered syringes in one of his Christmas gifts, a blue hooded sweatshirt also bought at a Walmart.

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KOMO News reports that Tom Basye bought the sweatshirt from the Walmart in Longview, Washington on Black Friday. Without checking it first, he wrapped it up and put it under the family’s Christmas tree right away. On Christmas morning, Tom’s teen stepson opened the gift and tried it on. Mr. Bayse told the station, “He puts his hands in his pockets and he goes, ‘Ow.’ He pulls his hand out and there’s a syringe stuck in his middle finger.”

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The Daily News notes how the holiday was quickly ruined. Tom and his wife, the boy’s mother, Nanette Snyder, found another syringe in the pocket that had been used. They had to immediately take their son to St. John Medical Center. Christmas wound up being a trying day, as the teenager spent hours in the hospital, getting HIV and hepatitis tests.

According to The Chronicle, Tom and Nanette contacted Cowlitz County Sheriff’s office, but were told there wasn’t much they could do. According to KOIN, they’ve filled out an incident report with Walmart and plan on contacting an attorney to help cover medical costs – their son will now be subjected to tests for the next 6 months, a necessary precaution even if the initial results come up negative.

The Daily News notes that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, it’s, “extremely rare” to contract HIV or hepatitis from one needle stick but that information is doing little to appease the family as they await results.

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Walmart corporate spokeswoman Betsy Harden, in a statement, told KOIN, “We take this claim very seriously. We are currently investigating, and we are not aware of any other claims.” Well, perhaps there aren’t any other claims within the past week, but this isn’t the first time a Walmart shopper has discovered syringes in clothing. Back in 2011, syringes were found in clothing at a Cartersville, Georgia Walmart four separate times, piercing the skin of customers.

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