Teen’s glasses save her from gunshot

Will Lerner
Odd News

An astonishing and scary story from Seattle this weekend. KIRO 7 Eyewitness News is reporting 16-year-old Alonza Bryant had her life spared most likely due to the pair of eyeglasses she was wearing.

Alonza was in her home when she had fallen asleep on a couch. She had forgotten to take off her glasses. It was then that something terrible happened. Ms.Bryant told KIRO, “"I heard a big bang and then my nose started bleeding.” KING 5 News writes that the noise came from an unknown group of people who had driven by her house and began shooting. Many shots went through the walls of the house, but one went through the front window. That round struck Alonza right on the bridge of her glasses.

KIRO reports that Seattle police say someone living in Alonza’s home is involved with gangs, but she wasn’t the intended target. However, Alonza’s mother, LaVette Bryant, refutes the claim of the family’s gang affiliation, telling the station, “We are not – no, not at all.” She also told KING, “We are honest, upright citizens. We don’t do anything – harm – to anyone in this neighborhood.”

The Bryants are counting their blessings that nobody was killed. LaVette told KIRO, “Glasses saved [Alonza’s] life. I believe that…and I thank God for that.” Seattle Police are investigating the manner and have not yet found a suspect. In the meantime, the Bryants are looking to leave their house. LaVette told KING, “We have to move.”

More info: KIRO, KING