Teacher doesn’t hang up phone properly, accidentally leaves mean message about student on student’s mother’s phone

Will Lerner
Odd News

The Elyria City School District in Ohio is apologizing to a student’s mother after one of their teachers accidentally left an insulting message about her child on her voicemail. The Crestwood Elementary School educator, who teaches kindergarten, had called about something else. She then neglected to make sure she had disconnected before she started to badmouth the student. As WOIO 19 Action News reports, the not-so-kind words have left the mother furious.

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The teacher, who has not yet been identified, could be overheard telling someone, “He has no common sense. He was seven in May and he’s the biggest baby in my group. She probably, still, wipes his butt.” The boy’s mother, Ashley Moore, told WOIO, “The first thing I wanted to do was get my child out of that school. I was very angry.” Ms. Moore said that her son is afraid of the teacher and does not want to return to her classroom.

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Apparently the teacher has since apologized, but that isn’t winning Ms. Moore over. The mother told WOIO, “The only reason she would be apologizing is that she got caught.” She has enrolled her child in another school. Meanwhile, the Elyria City School District has released the following statement:

"We regret the actions of this teacher. Her actions certainly don't represent the district's philosophy or the partnerships we have with our parents. We know that individuals can become frustrated but there is no excuse for what occurred and the comments this teacher made. We apologize for the hardship this caused the student and his family. The teacher regrets what she said and is apologetic. Her actions have been addressed by the district."

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