Surveillance tape suggests store is haunted (with video)

Will Lerner
Odd News

Late last week, an incident at the Ellacoya Country Store had many in the small town of Gilford, New Hampshire talking – a glass cover went flying off acounter and landed on the flood, smashing into pieces. This was bizarre, because as WMUR Channel 9 News reports, video shows nobody moved it themselves.

In surveillance video, you can see store employee Heidi Boyd walk by the counter and then out of frame in the shot. A few seconds go by and then, all of the sudden; a glass cover flies off the counter and falls to the floor. There was nobody standing at the counter at the time, and no other items on the counter were disturbed. And, as WMUR pointed out, the window behind the counter is sealed shut, so there’s no way someone could pull a wire or line to move the item from outside.

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Store owner Steve Buzzota told WMUR, “This is definitely not a staged act. This really happened and it’s kind of freaky." Ms. Boyd told the station she’son board with the ghost theory, “This place is very old. You can’t make it up. I absolutely believe.” On Ellacoya Barn & Grille’s Facebook page, which initially posted the ghostly video, Boyd voiced her frustration with people who think it’s a hoax, saying, “R YOU KIDDING ME ...WE DID NOT MAKE THIS UP PEOPLE. I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN STORE!!!!! COULDNT SLIDE OFF AND LEAVE EVERYTHING UNDER IT UNTOUCHED !!! PEDASTLE HAS 3/4 "RIM AROUND THE PLATE !!! SO EXPLAINE HOW IT COULD SLIDE OFF. UMM CUZ IT DIDNT THATS WHY !!!”

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So what happens next? Probably not too much, but ghost hunters have been in touch with the store. In the meantime, the folks of Gilford sure have something to talk about.

More info: WMUR