Supervisor caught on camera ‘recklessly’ throwing packages into mail truck

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News

A US Postal Service (USPS) employee was caught on camera throwing packages into the back of a mail truck in Clinton, Mississippi. As reported by 16 WAPT News, the video was shot on May 5, in front of a local online merchant and posted to Lyndsey Durham’s YouTube page (watch the full video below). As written in the post, the video shows a USPS worker,“recklessly tossing our packages into the back of the mail truck as they are picking them up from our place of business.” WJTV News Channel 12 received confirmation from an employee at the East Lawson Street post office in Clinton, that the woman shown in the video is a USPS supervisor.

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The YouTube video description includes an explanation that footage was captured out of concern that the business’ customers receive their purchases safely and securely. However, it states, “If they will do this to our packages in front of us, how will they treat them behind close doors? This level of carelessness, unprofessionalism, and downright abuse cannot be ignored.”

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Enola C. Rice, a USPS spokeswoman, released the following statement to WAPT: “The Postal Service takes seriously all issues regarding customer service. We extend our apologies for this incident. The video is disappointing and does not represent the kind of service we strive to provide our customers, or the manner in which the majority of our employees handle packages." Rice went on to say that the matter is under investigation and, “Appropriate actions will be taken, pending results.”

Videos and more info: YouTube/Lyndsey Durham, WJTV, WAPT