Subway employee scares off armed robber with sandwich knife

Will Lerner
Odd News

On Saturday evening around 8 P.M. in Seattle, Washington, Subway employee Justin Crippen was at work when a man walked into his restaurant. The man, who asof now remains unidentified, was wearing a black mask and showed a gun before demanding Justin give him what was in the register. As KIRO 7 News reports, Justin wasn’t particularly interested in obliging.

After hearing the demand for the money, Justin immediately reached out for whatever was closest and picked up the small knife he uses to slice bread for sandwiches. He then spat at the robber, “F*** you, get the hell out of my store.' Mr. Crippen then proceeded to chase the robber out of the store.

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Unfortunately, that’s not where the story ends. The would-be robber was determined to a) be a robber and b) steal specifically from a Subway. He went to another Subway three miles away and again demanded what was in the register. Employee Susana Rosas, stunned at the sight of the gun, did as she was told and the crook got away with a few hundred dollars.

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However, the Subway thief made a crucial error – he didn’t keep the mask on tight enough. Rosas told KIRO, “I saw his face and everything so I don't forget him. Never.” It doesn’t appear any other sandwich places were shaken down by this man, meaning that Quizno’s can’t even get criminals to come to their establishment.

More info: KIRO