Strong winds rip 100ft, 3-ton roof right off a building (with video)

Will Lerner
Odd NewsFebruary 14, 2014

The United States has been the recipient of some terrible weather this winter, but we’re not alone. In Shropshire, a county in western England, strong winds have done quite a bit of damage. The BBC reports the winds left thousands without electricity, the result of dozens of trees falling and a series of, “small underground explosions” that were caused by a, “fractured power cable.” Perhaps the best example of this wind’s power is what it did to a 3-ton roof in the town of Whitchurch.

Fortunately, though 4 cars wound up damaged, there were no injuries reported. The Express & Star reports that the fire service freed most of the trapped cars, but had to bring in, “some heavier lifting gear” to free one of the cars.

The Express & Star notes that wind, rain, and snow are expected to continue their relentless barrage on the United Kingdom, with gusts barreling in at 80mph. Additionally, 131 flood warnings across England and Wales have been issued by the Environment Agency.

More info: BBC, Express & Star