Spain might pass law that would make children do chores and ‘be respectful’

Will Lerner
Odd News

A report in ABC, a Spanish-language newspaper, notes that lawmakers in Spain are advancing a measure that would make children under the age of 18 take, “co-responsibility in caring for the home and performing household tasks regardless of age and gender.” As the BBC reports, this isn’t the only thing the parliament-approved draft law would do.

Aside from doing chores, children would, “also have to be respectful to their parents and teachers, and have a positive attitude towards learning.” You might be wondering what kind of punishment children found guilty of not participating in chores or lacking respect might face. You can keep wondering, because as The Local reports, “The draft law doesn't set out penalties for children who fail to fulfill these requirements.”

This measure is part of a wider child protection law, that, amongst other things, is striving to establish a list of known pedophiles and make it compulsory for adults to report possible crimes against children or face being charged with a, “crime of omission.”

More info: BBC,The Local, ABC (Spanish)