Siblings meet long lost brother they never knew of, 67 years later

Charlene Sakoda
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Siblings meet long lost brother they never knew of, 67 years later

Siblings in Portland, Oregon were recently united with a long-lost half-brother they never knew existed. As reported by KATU News, Anthony Leonard’s search for his 3 brothers and 1 sister began decades ago and with the help of professional agencies he was able to find the family he was searching for. From his home in England, Anthony emailed and Skyped with his siblings and eventually made his way to Portland for an emotional union. Brother Kim told KATU, “I’ve needed a big brother my whole life and I’ve wondered where he was.

The siblings’ mother, who passed away 12 years ago, was a nurse during World War II and dated an American soldier. When that soldier was sent to Belgium to fight and was gone more than a year, the young nurse thought he could be dead. Eventually she met another man and became pregnant with his child. Her daughter Heather Nelson said, “She’s 25. She’s pregnant with Anthony but she never told us and we never knew by looking at the pictures that that was the case.” When the mother discovered the American soldier she loved was alive, she secretly gave up her baby for adoption and moved to the United States where she married her love. “I can hardly imagine that this happened to my mom. You know, I just, if you, you’d known her you’d know it was against her whole basic nature because she was such a family oriented and loving person,” explained Heather.

The heart warming meeting between Heather, Kim and Anthony was caught on camera by KATU. The other two brothers will soon join their siblings and dozens of other family members in Oregon for a full family reunion. Anthony plans on staying for a few months to get to know his found family. An overjoyed Heather said she thought her mom was watching, “I think she engineered it from heaven myself.”

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