Shelter dog nurses orphan kitten alongside her puppies

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News

A dog has welcomed a newcomer at the Animal Haven pet shelter in New York City, and surprised many. Coco, a white Maltese, recently gave birth to a litter of puppies. The pregnancy was a surprise to the shelter staff, but the mother and puppies are said to be strong and healthy. When an orphaned black kitten named Roadhouse arrived at Animal Haven, the staff noticed a special bond that the feline had formed with Coco. The new mom brought Roadhouse into her family and nursed the kitten right alongside her puppies.

Roadhouse and Coco (Facebook/Animal Haven)
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Roadhouse and Coco (Facebook/Animal Haven)

Animal Haven posted photos and video (you can watch here) of the unlikely pair ontheir Facebook page and WNBC reports that dozens have expressed interest in adopting the animals. The shelter said that the newly formed family will be available for adoption in three weeks.

Video and more info: Facebook/Animal Haven, WNBC