School tells student the pink streaks in her hair are distracting, takes her out classes

Will Lerner
Odd News

A student in St. Cloud, Florida was put in in-school suspension this week because of the pink streaks in her bangs. According to WKMG Local 6 , the 14-year-old apparently violated Neptune Middle School’s student code of conduct, which forbids any student from having, “his or her hair cut or worn in such a manner, or colored in such a manner, in an extreme fashion such that the Principal ... determines it is so distracting or disruptive that it interferes with the orderly educational process." That sounds fine enough, but take a look at her hair and tell me if you think it’s so extreme that it would be “disruptive.”

The unnamed girl’s father, John Henson sure doesn’t think his daughter’s hair is all that wild. He told WFTV Channel 9, “All the adults around her were supporting this. They didn't think it was a big issue…It wasn't a crazy mohawk or crazy color so she is a little confused about why it happened.”

However, Osceola County Schools officials stand by their actions, telling WKMG, "When hair is unnatural colors, it creates a distraction among other students which interrupts learning.” However, Neptune Middle School did err in how they handled this situation. The same policy they’re citing as the reason why the honor-roll student was suspended also requires the student be given verbal warning before being punished – something the school district admits they didn’t do.

John Henson thinks the district should reconsider the policy. In the meantime, his daughter has changed her hair back to its natural color.

More info: WKMG , WFTV