San Antonio food truck’s ‘offensive name’ ruffles feathers

Will Lerner
Odd News

Candie Yoder is a chef and food truck owner in San Antonio, Texas. Amongst her specialties is Asian Fusion. The food she whips up includes Korean BBQ,Japchae, and Bibimbap. Her most popular dish is probably Korean Fried Chicken. There is no denying that the food looks appetizing. However, the San Antonio Express-Newsreports, some people are not happy with her. Why? The name of her food truck is getting people in a tizzy. It’s called, “ Cockasian.”

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Yoder opened the truck back in November of last year, and coordinating with the San Antonio Food Truck Association (SAFTA), was looking to set up shop at Port San Antonio, a location where different businesses with over 12,000 employees come to work every day. SAFTA president Keith Hill told the Express-News that the port’s officials, “Googled it to find out (Cockasian’s) menu and website and their truck page is not what came up.”

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A spokesperson for Port San Antonio, Paco Fellici, told KABB FOX San Antonio , "We thought the name could be offensive to others.” Was Yoder going for an illicit pun with her name choice? She says nope. The Express-News quotes Ms. Yoder as saying that the name has, “boundless meanings, none of which are sexual or a racial slur… I would be more than happy to discuss the basis for our name with them.”

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Yoder also pointed out that the truck’s name is a play on the fact she’s a white woman cooking Asian food, telling the Express-News, “When I was discussing my plans of opening an Asian food truck, I got some people asking why, or joking, because of my ethnicity.”

Though she’s not going to be allowed in Port San Antonio in the near future, Youder and the food truck are still rolling on. If you live in the area you might be interested to know that KABB reports she’ll be bringing the truck to The Point on Boerne Stage Road on Sunday, March 9.

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