Rooster driving Michigan neighborhood bonkers

Will Lerner
Odd News

Guinevere the rooster is causing a stir in a neighborhood in Ortonville, Michigan. The rooster’s crowing especially has one man upset as WDIV Local 4 News reports.

When WDIV went to go report on the story, they weren’t able to establish contact with the man who’s most upset with the bird, but did speak to other neighbors. Apparently the complaining resident was mistaken as to who owned the bird. Ann Stoner who lives next door to Guinevere told the station, “He comes and pound on my door and says, 'Just to let you know the rooster is keeping us up.' It's not my rooster!" Stoner and another neighbor on the scene, Randy Hicks, told the station they don’t actually think the rooster is that loud.

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You know who does find the rooster annoying? His owner, Rochelle Nolin. She told the station, “He drives us crazy! We bring him treats so he will shut up.” Nolin told the complaining neighbor, whose name wasn’t given, that she is looking to get rid of Guinevere, “But it is also winter, it's hard.”

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So, the elephant in the room. What’s up with this rooster’s name? Well, Nolin didn’t know that the chicken she was buying was actually a rooster. As Randy put it, "It was supposed to be a chicken and when it grew up, they found out they got a rooster."

More info: WDIV