Reggie High is making a name for himself with his Wendy’s drive-thru crooning

Will Lerner
Odd News

If you stop for food at the Wendy’s in Twin Falls, Idaho, you might be met with a different kind of sound coming through the speakers. It would be employeeand song stylist Reggie High, who’s gaining attention for how he likes to sing to his customers. KMVT Idaho’s First News is bringing his story to the people.Reggie, who’s giving folks dinner and a show, told KMVT, “I get paid to make people laugh and flirt with beautiful women, I might as well be happy while I’m here.”

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Customers like what they’re hearing, and his boss, general manager Troy Flowers, only has nice things to say about Mr. High. Flowers told the station, “Reggie is such an asset. I mean, he is the friendliest guy you would ever want to meet. He’s a very humble guy, so it comes across in the right manner. He’s just quickly becoming a local celebrity.”

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Words can’t accurately depict Reggie’s sound, so if you have a moment, make sure you watch KMVT’s story to get the full effect.

More info: KMVT