Politician lays off 170 employees via YouTube

Will Lerner
Odd News

Ireland’s The Journal is reporting on Governor Alberto Weretilneck in Argentina. Last night the Governor announced via a YouTube that he was laying off 170 workers. This, instead of telling them in person.

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Weretilneck, who ascended to the position of Governor of the Rio Nego province in 2012, said he was laying off half of the government employees under his purview to help counterbalance budget shortfalls.

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The governor, on camera, said, ““I decided to decrease the number of public officials by 50 percent… And those who are continuing on in their jobs will have their salaries reduced by 15 percent.” So, not only was he taking away 170 jobs, he was giving pay cuts to the rest of the civil workforce.

La Voz reports that Governor Weretilneck also said that his rent will no longer be paid for by the government, and that his family will instead cover the cost.It’s estimated by RioNegro.com.ar that the moves will save roughly 60 million pesos, nearly $7.5M.

More info: The Journal,La Voz (Spanish), RioNegro.Com.Ar (Spanish)