Police officers find out they can’t just curse out a school bus of children

Will Lerner
Odd News

Check out this f****ing story from Georgia. According to a report by WRCB NBC 3, two police officers have been suspended after they cursed at a bus full of kids. Those poor kids. That was probably the first time that they’ve ever been introduced to foul language. Just kidding, have you heard children these days?

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Last month, a First Student bus driver, driving for Dalton Public Schools pulled her vehicle over after becoming frustrated with what WCRB characterized as “dozens of rowdy middle school students.” The unnamed driver, according to WGCL CBS Atlanta, “told dispatchers the students were being unruly and creating unsafe conditions on the bus.”

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Dalton Police officers John Gurrieri and Steven Collins arrived on the scene. Caught on camera, Gurrieri told the kids, "You want to act like a bunch of hellions and she can't f***ing focus on what she's doing,” and “You want to act like crazy a******s, do it at home.” Collins, talking to one student in particular, used a swear word too. It hasn’t been reported what that word is. It could be [CENSORED] or [CENSORED] or even [CENSORED]. Who knows!

Parents complained to the police after they found out what happened. We don’t know if they also complained about how their children were acting like little monsters, but whatever, right? Cursing bad. Very bad.

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Dalton Police Chief Jason Parker isn’t thrilled with what his officers did, telling WRCB, "Both are good officers however they made a serious mistake of judgment here.” He continued to say that the officers regret what they did and realize this puts them and the Dalton police in a negative light. Police Chief Parker also pointed out that neither has had a complaint against them before.

Regardless, even though feeling remorseful is a kind of punishment in itself, it’s not an actual punishment. According to WXIA 11 Alive News, both Gurrieri and Collins “were suspended without pay for two days, received written reprimands, are required to do 40 hours of community service in support of local youth programs, and must go through additional training on verbal communication.” It looks like they’ll think before they f***ing speak next time.

More info: WRCB,WGCL, WXIA