Pet cat saves boy from dog that was attacking him (with video) (UPDATED)

Will Lerner
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Surveillance video outside a home in Bakersfield, California shows that a young boy was riding his bicycle when a dog came around a parked car and started to attack him. As KERO ABC23 reports, he was saved by an unlikely hero – his pet cat, Tara. Before you watch the video, you should know there are images of the bite marks at the end that could be deemed disturbing by some viewers.


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Tara the cat raced over and pounced at the dog, before chasing it away. The boy’s mother, Erica Triantafilo, then raced over to her son. KGET 17 News reports that Ms. Triantafilo told them that the, “dog was still hanging around and she tried to chase it away and it bit her as well.” KERO says that her son had to get stitches, but that he will be fine and that the dog belongs to a neighbor and is now, “under observation.”


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More info: KERO, KGET

UPDATE 5/14/2014 12:45 PM PDT

TMZ is reporting that the dog will be euthanized.