Pacific Ocean gobbles up car after owners park it on the beach (with photos)

Will Lerner
Odd News

The Pacific Ocean is truly a marvel. It is large and beautiful and a little bit car-hungry, as visitors in Lincoln City, Oregon found out. According to KPTV FOX 12 News, a person’s car on the beach quickly became a person’s car in the ocean when their beach parking spot became inescapable as the tide came in.

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Witness Julie Lay spoke with KPTV. She said that the car became stuck as tide came in, and that, “the waves engulfed the car, then floated it and rotated it.” The owners of the car came back to it and removed some items, but could not drive the car away themselves. Eventually, police and a track hoe helped retrieve the automobile.

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This isn’t the first time something like this has happened in Lincoln City. And when I write, “something like this,” I mean something identical to this situation. Back in 2013, another car parked on the beach in the coastal city wound up frolicking in the waves too.

Despite reading this blog, do you still want to drive your car on the beach? Well, maybe scan this article before you do.

More info: KPTV