One lottery winner collects more than he thought. Another lottery winner gets less than he could have.

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News

Jeremy Lockett and his wife were overjoyed when they thought the $20 “Lifetime Spectacular” scratch ticket they purchased for the Massachusetts State lottery was a $50,000 winner. They were even more ecstatic and shocked when they cashed in the card at the lottery headquarters and were told that they had actually won $50,000…every year for life! Beth Bresnahan, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts State Lottery told, “They went nuts,” and reportedly danced around the lobby. Jeremy, a self-employed business owner, consulted with financial advisors and decided to take the one-time cash option of $650,000 (less tax), which is based on a 20-year guaranteed payout.

On the opposite end of the still incredibly fortunate spectrum, John Lee of St. Louis, Missouri won a Powerball prize of $2 million, that could have been $81 million if he played one of his other normal numbers. He told the Missouri Lottery, “I normally play the same five numbers. But, I change up the Powerball number I use. Sometimes I’ll play my birthday, which falls on the 25th, but I also play Laura’s [his wife's] birthday, which is on the 28th.” The winning numbers were 6, 9, 11, 31, 44, with the Powerball number of 25. Still, the new millionaire and first time lottery winner is, “more than grateful” for his winnings saying, “It’s a blessing that we matched all of the numbers that we did, and we were so close to matching every single number.” His wife Laura was also “very thankful” yet felt, “I just wish he would’ve played his own birthday instead of mine!”

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