Nude man’s trip to the McDonald’s doesn’t go well

Will Lerner
Odd News

Maybe the oddest thing about this story is that naked people and their love of McDonald’s actually shows up quite often in the news. A half-naked manstopped by a Maryland McDonald’s earlier this month. Anaked man high on drugs was arrested at a California McDonald’slate last year. Then there’s the relevant 2012 story of a naked man who was lured down from a Los Angeles radio tower with the promise of food from a McDonald’s. Today in naked-man-in-McDonald’s news, WBBM CBS Chicago is reporting on an incident in the Windy City.

WBBM writes that the unnamed man, “tried to enter a door leading to the food preparation area, approached the counter several times and strutted around the entire floor amid screaming and laughter.”

Customers started to hit the nudist with a caution sign before police arrived and calmed everyone down. CBS Chicago mentions there’s a video on Live Leak of this not-safe-for-work incident, but they don’t link to it and I’m not really that interested in watching or linking to it myself. Sorry if you find that disappointing.

It should be noted that if this man, who finds clothing too cumbersome, is religious, there’s a church in Virginia that would welcome him with arms wide open.

More info: WBBM