No, this isn’t some kind of weird cyborg reindeer

Will Lerner
Odd News

Most responsible cyclists and joggers wear some kind of reflective clothing when they take to the streets at night, but animals? Animals don’t wear any clothing on their own volition, let alone a yellow reflective safety. Herders in Finland are doing what they can to help their four-legged friends out with a special reflective paint, as YLE via the BBC reports.

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Apparently, nearly 4,000 reindeer die in traffic accidents every year in Finland. To help cut down on this number, the Reindeer Herders Association has been spraying the creatures’ fur and antlers so that drivers will see them better at night. So, if you’re driving in in Finland and you see a large, glowing beast, now you know why.

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More info: BBC, YLE (Finnish)