Neighbor’s note extends the Santa race controversy to plastic decoration

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News

Judy Vasquez of Simpsonville, South Carolina was saddened when she saw a mean spirited note taped to the face of a plastic Santa she had on display. As reported by WHNS Fox Carolina, Vasquez contacted the station and showed them the handwritten message left in front of her Orchard Park neighborhood home.

Ms. Vasquez’s daughter called and informed her mother of the note which read, "St. Nicholas - Original Santa was European not African This is not a race issue just Historical Santa is NOT black - He's white."

Vasquez feels that Santa represents all people and is disgusted by the actions of the unknown person that tried to ruin her family’s Christmas spirit. The Simpsonville mom told WHNS, "When I heard that, it was like I got kicked in the gut somehow, and I just felt violated that someone would take the time to paste something like that on a Santa that I have, and I just, I don’t know, I'm heartbroken, really.”

She continued, “This is a great community. I don't know who did that. I will never know who did that but you’re a coward."

Video and more info: WHNS