Mother accused of ‘dodgeball rage’ faces criminal charges

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News

A game of dodgeball during a child’s birthday party at the Waukesha, Wisconsin Sky Zone indoor trampoline park resulted in one mother facing criminal charges. As reported by WISN 12 News, 27-year-old mother Dominique Jude was named in a criminal complaint for her reaction after being hit in the face during the dodgeball game. Ms. Jude is accused of grabbing a 12-year-old boy, yelling profanities, and as one witness recalled, “yelling for the other people in the dodgeball area to hit the child with dodgeballs in the face."  

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The mother told WISN that the whole thing was a blown out of proportion. She admitted that after she was hit in the face, and her son was also later hit in the face, she became angry. Jude said that she was guilty of grabbing the 12-year-old but, as WISN notes, “…was only asking him how he'd like it if someone hit him in the face.” The mother, who has no prior criminal record, said that she was just stunned and protective of her son. She argued that the Sky Zone staff offered little help and did not stop the game when she was hurt.

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The Waukesha County district attorney has charged Jude with criminal disorderly conduct, and the mom can face up to 90 days in jail. Sky Zone management did not comment.

Video and more info: WISN