Meet the Newest Sensational Sourpuss. And She's Not Grumpy

Richard Cazeau
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Meet the Newest Sensational Sourpuss. And She's Not Grumpy

Even if you're not a cat lover, you're probably familiar with Friskies spokes-kitty, Internet sensation, and all-around grouch Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce. Launching into fame in 2012 and making several media appearances, she was the highest-paid and most influential cat of that year, with an estimated net worth of almost $100 million.

Though other cats on the Web have meowed their way to stardom over the last few years, none have come close to duplicating the unfriendly glare and lovable negativity of Grumpy Cat, whose moody frown has earned nearly 500,000 Instagram followers.

Now, there's a new cat on the block with a similar demeanor. Meet Little P, Instagram's latest cat star. She is a Scottish fold, a breed of cat with ears that naturally fold down toward the front of the head. The 1-year-old feline lives in, of all places, the exotic Kingdom of Thailand. And her owners never have a shortage of cute outfits for her to model, including a Mickey Mouse hoodie, bow ties, dresses, and much more.

Maybe too much superstyling is what leaves the seemingly permanent look of partial distress and surprise on Little P's mug. Photos of her worried expression have garnered lots of fans. She's up to nearly 9,000 followers on Instagram, with many of them cooing in the comments. So let's hope her newfound fame can put that sad streak "on paws."

This isn't the only sad cat making news today. Tucker, another sad-faced cat, was just recently adopted.