Man who loves feet is creeping out dozens of Arizona real estate agents

Will Lerner
Odd News

There is a man in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area who is targeting female real estate agents with questions about their feet. These female real estate agents are not happy about it, but as KPHO CBS 5 AZ reports, there isn’t much they can do about it other than warn each other.

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KPHO spoke with DPR Realty agent Hope Salas. Ms. Salas says she was contacted by a prospective home buyer via text. The man, who identified himself as Anthony, said he had just moved to Arizona from New York four months ago, and that he worked in reflexology. Reflexology, though it does have itsupporters, is an alternative form of medicine that appears to be little more than, “a form of foot massage,” according to Quackwatch.

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“Anthony” quickly steered the conversation away from homes and started talking feet, asking Ms. Salas if she wore heels often. Another realtor, Lacey Washburn of Realty One Group, told KPHO about her interaction with the foot fetishist, saying, “He asked me if I ever had reflexology done before, which I didn't answer that question. And then he asked me if I liked having foot massages or foot rubs, which I didn't answer that question either."

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KPHO reports that a “number of realtors” have reported the man to police, but because “Anthony” hasn’t actually broken any laws, there isn’t much that can be done. In the meantime, agents are warning each other via their Facebook group and are staying on high alert. The station tried speaking with the man, but only got his voicemail.

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