Man wants to open a bar in his gun range

Will Lerner
Odd News

Generally speaking, the combination of alcohol and weapons sounds like a bad one. Jeff Swanson of Oklahoma City doesn’t see it that way, however. KFOR NewsChannel 4 reports that the entrepreneur, who is in the process of building an “upscale” gun range in OKC, wants his establishment to offer its patrons a drink after they’re finished shooting.

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KOKH FOX 25 News reports that Mr. Swanson will have customers scan their driver’s license before they partake in either firing guns or drinking alcohol. Mr. Swanson told KOKH, "Once your order a drink your driver's license is scanned and you are red-flagged and you're not allowed into any of the shooting facilities either as a spectator and certainly not as a shooter for the remainder of the day.” What if someone has a drink bought for them? Swanson says they’ll be training the range’s staff in field sobriety and will use cameras to monitor customers.

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KOKH spoke with Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement (ABLE) Commission Spokesperson, Captain Brent Fairchild. He said that he’s not aware of any other gun ranges in the state that have a liquor license. Captain Fairchild is skeptical of the idea, telling the station, “I guess you could go back to the old adage where there's a will there's a way, so no matter how many safeguards you do put in place there's always someone that's going to try to get around those.” Oklahoma City’s City Planning Commission allowed the plan to move forward. The Oklahoma City Council will vote on the issue on May 27.

This isn’t a novel concept. One only needs to look back to January of this year to find a Deadwood, South Dakota businessman pursuing same concept. The Governors Gun Club in Powder Springs, Georgia is an example of a shooting facility that includes a bar.

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