Man tries using stolen police badge to score discounted spray tan

Will Lerner
Odd News

Dustin Lee Bell of Bixby, Oklahoma says he found a Sand Springs police officer’s badge at a car wash in South Tulsa. Mr. Bell then had a great idea. Heaffixed it to his sweater and went to a tanning salon, where he would demand a discount on a spray tan. As KOTV The News On 6 reports, he didn’t get a tan, but he did get arrested.


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At the tanning salon, he felt he should only be charged $10 for a spray tan that would normally cost $34. The manager of the salon decided that wasn’t going to happen and called police. He says that when he returned from calling the authorities, he noticed a bottle of tanning lotion was missing from behind the counter.

Mr. Bell was arrested on site, and while police were doing inventory, they found a Sam’s Club card that belonged to the same Sand Springs officer who had had his badge stolen. Our still pale friend faces charges of stolen property, larceny, and false impersonation of a police officer.

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