Man stands on top of his car on interstate, holding sign with apology on it

Will Lerner
Odd News

On Thursday night, a man named Daniel in Nashville, Tennessee came up with an idea. He headed over to his local Walmart and purchased a Sharpie and poster board. He then wrote on that poster board, “Lindsey Im [sic] sorry I LIED Please FORGIVE ME” As WKRN-TV Nashville reports, it was part of the young man’s plans to atone for his mistakes.

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Daniel, who chose not to give his or his love’s last name, pulled over to the side of Interstate 24 at 7:15 AM on Friday morning, hopped on top of his vehicle, and held the sign. Nearly 30 minutes later, Lindsey drove by and saw the sign. Daniel told WKRN, “She was actually on her phone…I'm pretty sure she was on the phone saying 'Oh my God'."

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Lindsey was not the only person who saw Daniel’s apology, as morning commuters wound up causing a traffic jam as they slowed down to read his sign. A police officer arrived on the scene and told Daniel to move along and to, “try sending her a text instead.”

If you’d like to know if Daniel’s gambit will pay off, keep your peepers trained on WKRN – they’re telling viewers they plan on following up.

More info: WKRN