Man runs into burning home to save…his Xbox

Will Lerner
Odd News

How many times have there been stories about people rushing into burning homes to save family, friends, pets, or even invaluable family mementos? Let’s say two thousand stories, because I don’t want to spend time into looking it up. Well, not every act of rushing into a house up in flames is a moment of heroism. As KMBC Channel 9 News reports, sometimes people risk their life to save things like an Xbox.

Late last week, a fire broke out in the early morning in an unnamed Olathe, Kansas man’s home. He and a roommate were awakened by smoke alarms and managed to get out. However, according to authorities, one of them rushed back into the burning home to retrieve his video game console. This caused him to suffer minor smoke inhalation.

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The fire itself was no joke, according to The Kansas City Star, “When firefighters arrived, flames were raging out of large picture window.” They managed to quell the flames and didn’t have water line issues despite the single-digit temperature at the time this occurred.

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KMBC reports that an investigator on the scene said it appeared the fire started in an electrical junction box and damage was estimated at $80,000. There was enough damage that the men will not be able to continue living there. No reports seemed to mention whether the Xbox actually survived the ordeal or not. Here’s hoping.

More info: KMBC , The Kansas City Star