Man gets good night rest despite HAVING A KNIFE STUCK IN HIS BACK FOR 10 HOURS

Will Lerner
Odd News

Crazy story out of Trenton, New Jersey. The Times of Trenton, via , is reporting that an unnamed 42-year-old male “…slept soundly for about 10 hours with a knife stuck in the middle of his back Sunday before discovering he had been stabbed during a fistfight on his porch…” After those 10 hours, nearly half a day, he woke up to feeling a pain in his back. It was then that his brother pointed out that it might have something to do with the fact that a knife’s blade was snuggling with back tissue.

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Now for the least surprising detail, the victim had been drinking the night prior. It was during this time, that he stepped outside to have a cigarette which must have been pleasant considering how great the weather’s been in New Jersey lately . While outside smoking, he was approached by another man who asked for a light. Our friend, the one who woke up with a knife in his back, said no. The two fought before the attacker decided to split.

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The Times spoke with Trenton Police Lieutenant Mark Kiefer. He says a full description of the suspect isn’t available and that the victim was uncooperative. The blade was removed from his back at Capital Health Regional Medical Center, and he’ll survive the injury.

We here at Odd News would like to caution all of our readers: Before going to bed, ask a friend or family member to feel your back for any knives or swords that might be stabbing you. If nobody is available to pet your back, put your back up gently against a wall. If you notice a sharp pain, you might have been stabbed in your back. If you do feel a stabbing sensation, we urge you to immediately call authorities and not sleep for ten hours.

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