Man fined $115 for spitting on a sidewalk

Will Lerner
Odd News

Note to anybody traveling to Minneapolis: Do not spit on the sidewalks. As KARE NBC 11 News reports, a man there learned that spitting on the sidewalk is illegal the hard way.

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21-year-old Myles Thomas was walking in a part of Minneapolis, charmingly referred to as Dinkytown, when he felt compelled to hock a loogie. Myles says that he was getting over an illness so he got his camel on. However, police were driving by at the time and hit him with a “$115 misdemeanor.”

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Police are citing a city ordinance, which bans spitting on sidewalks, busses, and public areas. In other words, if you want to spit on the ground, save it for home. As KARE mentions, Minneapolis’ twin city – St. Paul – also has the same law. So, don’t think you can just stroll on over there and start spitting free and easy.

As for Myles, he’s slightly befuddled by the rule, but understands he has to abide, “It’s a little wacky, you know, but what can you do, though? It is the law. Supposed to obey the laws of the land…” He’s going to pay the fine and told KARE his completely horrifying plan should he need to spit in public again – “…I guess I’ll just have to bring a bag or something and spit in the bag.”

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