Man calls 911 twice because his ‘mean’ neighbors wouldn’t drink with him

Will Lerner
Odd News

Poor James Collins. A man should never have to drink alone, and certainly not on his birthday. Yet that’s the predicament the Fort Pierce, Florida resident found himself in on November 3. It appears that he was so offended by his neighbors’ rebuff that he called 911 to complain.

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According to a Fort Pierce Police Department report, conveniently compiled by, Mr. Collins called 911 and stated that “his neighbors were being mean and would not drink with him.” Unfortunately, that’s not a good enough reason to call 911. An officer explained this to him.

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Buttttt I guess the message didn’t sink in, or Mr. Collins developed a sudden affinity for calling an emergency hotline because he called back within the same hour to again complain about his “neighbors not drinking with him.” Oh, James. This time Fort Pierce officers found him walking along U.S. Route 1. He had slurred speech and “a smell that is commonly associated with that of an alcoholic beverage emanated from his mouth and face area.” He also had a bottle of Blue Ice in his front pocket. Police arrested him for having poor taste in alcohol . Police arrested him for disorderly intoxication and misuse of 911.

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