Man becomes millionaire off money that he almost spent on maggots

Will Lerner
Odd News

Craig Brazier, of Mansfield Woodhouse, England, has just scored a lot of money. This past Saturday, Mr. Brazier, a 39-year-old waste container cleaner, was getting ready for an upcoming fishing trip. Just when he was about to buy some more maggots for bait, he changed his mind and decided to head over to Betfred, a United Kingdom bookmaker. He wound up betting £2 ($3.35) on the Scoop6, a pool bet that challenges gamblers to, “select all 6 winners from 6 (horse) races.” As the Daily Mirror reports, it’s a good thing he didn’t decide to buy more maggots.

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After he placed his bet, Mr. Brazier went home to watch the races. The races quickly became far more interesting to watch for the married father of two. He told the Daily Mirror that while his wife, Tracy, was asleep, he was wide awake and, “panicking after I got three out of three. After the fourth winner I went and told her but she said, ‘You aren’t lucky enough’ and dozed off.” As it turned out, Tracy’s husband was lucky enough. And as Chatez the racehorse won the sixth race, so did Mr. Brazier. His miniscule bet, almost spent on maggots, wound up scoring him a cool £1,342,599 ($2,244,557).

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According to the Nottingham Post, Mr. Brazier and his family will now look for a new home to live in and are planning on visiting Disney World. The new millionaire originally thought about buying a horse for himself, but after looking into the cost, he’s less keen on the idea. The Guardian notes that both Craig and Tracy plan on keeping their jobs, and that one daughter asked for new shoes, and the other a new desk.

On Wednesday, Mr. Brazier got to meet Chatez, the horse that helped secure his jackpot. All in all, it’s been a stellar week – that could possibly be surpassed depending on what happens this weekend. As the BBC notes, he has been entered into a pool for an upcoming bonus race that could win him another £5 million ($8,359,000).

More info: Daily Mirror,Nottingham Post,The Guardian, BBC